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Founded in 1991, PNI Management Philippines is an innovative pioneer in the Philippine contractual and staff placement industry. PNI recognized that besides thoroughly screening and qualifying the right people for the job, there had to be a way to effectively train, motivate and evaluate workers in order that client companies would get the best value and performance out of their contractual personnel.

PNI Management Philippines

O ur business is to recruit and qualify candidates for a variety of sectors across the Philippines. As a preferred business partner that has provided and satisfied our Clients over the years, our track record is proven by longevity in business relationships with the Clients we serve, the Candidates we provide jobs for, the Consultants that we work with.

T oday, PNI Management Phils. provides the most cost-effective training that ensures that our Clients get the best people who are dedicated, motivated, committed and focused on delivering results, delivering performance.

P NI Management Phils. provides employment and career opportunities for the Philippines workforce while providing the best staff and personnel needs to various clients in virtually every industry – from industrial workers to EDP professionals.

W e at PNI have grown by meeting the specific staff and personnel needs of domestic as well as international organizations. We have kept pace with the complex staffing requirements of growing company’s such as yours understanding your specific qualifications and creating bespoke solutions, customized for you.

PNI Group of Companies

I n the years of service, adapting and responding to Market Demands, we have formed other services and divisions within the PNI Group of Companies:

PNI International

PNI First World

Open ing Asia


PNI Source

PNI Care

An Established Recruitment Company

I t all started out with the need to do something good. To provide jobs by being the eyes and ears into companies that were looking for qualified employees to get on the floor and work with them. And we did it magnificently and pleased the Clients we worked with. We learned to search and screen better and learned to find out more about the Clients we worked with and how to improve our service by simply asking: “How can I help you?” and getting down to the details of a search. We continued to ask questions, at the same time found our niche in providing the hires that our partners and Clients needed and built relationships within those industries and continued to connect the qualified people to jobs to the companies we served.

S earching and recruitment in tandem with training brought us to the next level of service. And we built on our staff training, emphasized on the need to bring out the best talent and contribution in each individual we set off to work because competition everywhere in the world, (and in the city) was tough and there was no way our business could survive and shine if we were all about mediocrity.

B y simply ‘being fair, and being good’ to the personnel deployed to different companies, giving exactly as expected and promised, providing information when it is needed, by delivering our commitments on time, we are a Recruitment Company that is preferred by the people.

I n the years we have been of service, we are of course about large databases of Candidates now crossing different sectors of the market; working with Contractual Hires to Executive levels, we are ready to work on new assignments because we are equipped with the technology to support the service that we give. But over and above that, what starts in every first hand shake, is a business relationship that we hope will benefit the company, the people we interview, qualify and deploy to our Clients. From then on, we work on a relationship of longevity that we will continue to serve, to be a part of the market with ever-changing needs.

I t all started with four seats and four tables in a 12 square meter office, and since then asked the question “ How can we serve you?” and “How can we serve you better?”

N ow there are thousands of employees that have found jobs and built their careers with us. And Clients that we have helped through the years continue to improve on their service, and find them solutions so that their business grows.